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CPZ Document Library
last updated 19.9.10


Haringey Parking Polices and Reports

Consultation documents on extending Crouch End CPZ A&B 2010

CPZ 2010 Map
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National Transport Laws and Policies governing CPZ's

London Transport Policies | *GLA and **TFL

*GLA - Greater London Authority
**TFL - Transport for London

Haringey Transport Policies

Transport Strategy for London - your views!
It is interesting to note that this page on Haringey's website is titled 'your views' where all there is on this page is TFL strategies and Haringey Local Implementation Plan. It states:

"Local Implementation Plan London Boroughs have been asked to produce a Local Implementation Plan (LIP) to demonstrate how their local transport plans and programmes will contribute to implementing the key priorities set by the Mayor. Future funding from Transport for London (TfL) will depend on how well the Borough helps fulfil the Mayor’s Transport Aims. But it is just as important that the Local Implementation Plan reflects the transport needs and aspirations of people in Haringey."

However the public was never consulted on those policies, at the end of Haringey Local Implementation Plan, a lengthy document, it state:

"10.1.3. Due to the difficulties in consulting effectively on a large document, it is not considered appropriate to prepare a summary leaflet for distribution to all residents in the Borough. Experience has suggested that there are very low responses to consultations on broad policy and programme documents due mainly to the difficulty in summarising an extensive document in an easily digestible format."

Haringey Consultation Policies

Haringey Census by Ward



Eczema Treatment


Haringey Annual Parking/Enforcement Report makes an interesting reading

CPZ Consultation Leaflets

Crouch End A CPZ
Crouch End B CPZ
Crouch End A & B
Petitions for CPZ


CPZ Consultation Leaflets

Map of all currently proposed CPZ

26.9.06 | 2nd phase maps
Harringay Station
Hornsey Station

1st phase leaflets

Proposed Residential CPZ
Harringay Station
Hornsey Station
Bounds Green / Bowes Park
Fortis Green

Stop and Shop proposed CPZ
Crouch End
Muswell Hill






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