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CPZ - Control Parking Zone 2010
last updated 19.9.10

Haringey plans for CPZ expansion are coming near you...

CPZ consultation map
Click on the map to see a larger map

2010 Consultation on Crouch End A & B CPZ from 16.9.10 to 8.10.10

Here we are once again... CPZ revisited... Seems like only yesterday we were told we needed one all over the west of Haringey... At the time (2006) there was a massive opposition to the scheme with 95% of residents saying an unequivocal NO to the idea of having a CPZ on their roads. GreenN8 alongside many other community groups and residents associations all the way from Bounds Green, Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Hornsey, Stroud Green to Highgate, campaigned vigorously against it.

As part of the 2006 CPZ campaign, information stalls were set up in many of our high streets to let people know of the scheme and find out out what people thought of the consultation, the proposed scheme and more. The same survey was carried out door to door covering large areas with very much the same results all over - 95% of residents were opposed to the scheme.

Now, 4 years on and we are confronted with more of the same... Haringey council is now (16.9.10) consulting us again on the very same issues... Has anything changed? Did any of the things we predicted did indeed take place? Did people change their minds over the last 4 years? If so what are the reasons? Did Haringey learn anything from the experience of 4 years ago? And are they doing anything different this time? All good questions, but before we go into all of that, lets look at what is proposed this time.

Many colours... different Zones...So what are we being consulted on?
The map at the top of the page appears on all the 2010 CPZ consultation documents. Although there seems to be many areas coloured differently we are being consulted on 2 new zones FOR NOW... Those are: Crouch End A and Crouch End B both coloured Green. The area marked in Orange represents an existing CPZ. Areas coloured Blue shows roads being informed that there is a consultation going on over Crouch End A and Crouch End B. And the area coloured Pink is the most confusing of all. It represents both an existing CPZ the Finsbury Park CPZ + An area which is not yet a CPZ. This pink area is ear marked for what Haringey likes to call a 'REVIEW'. In other words it is an area outlined to be expanded into! Consultation on the pink area will take place sometimes in October 2010.

What do the boundaries mean?

Looking at the consultation map, one gets the impression that our fate is sealed, it is easy to draw upon past experience and assume those colours and boundaries represent plans, to carve our streets into future 'ZONES'. GreenN8 put that question to the officer in charge and here is what he said: The boundaries show the areas Haringey consult with, future zones boundaries will be defined as a result of the consultation.

Responding to the consultation

This is a statutory consultation, which is the legal part of a process. It consists of a Public Notice advertised in the local press, the London Gazette, and at locations throughout the proposed extended zone. The notice provides details of our proposal to extend the zone and how views, comments and other representations can be made within the 21 day notification period starting from 16.9.10.

Statutory notifications enable all interested parties, regardless of where they live or work, to make representations in support of or objecting to the proposals. The statutory process means the Council is legally obliged to consider all objections received during the notification period and this can provide an opportunity for some roads to be omitted. All objections must however be supported with reason(s); rather than simply stating a lack of support.

If you would like to comment on the proposals, or if you have queries about them, please email us at
or write to:

Crouch End A, B, CPZ
Haringey Sustainable Transport
1st Floor, River Park House,
225 High Road,
Wood Green,
London N22 8HQ

When writing it is advisable to identify the subject as ‘Crouch End A, B, CPZ’.

If you have any questions about the process please call Haringey transport on
020 8489 1326.

If you have specific technical queries about the proposed CPZ you should contact the Project Engineer Vincent Valerio on 020 8489 1325.

Plans showing the location of parking bays are available on the parking pages of the Haringey website. Haringey have also placed a plan and information on display at Hornsey Library, Haringey Park, London N8 9JA. The plan will show where parking bays are proposed. The Library is open weekdays from 9am to 7pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm and on Sundays 12pm to 4pm.

Plans will also be available for inspection during normal office hours in Haringey offices at River Park House. Council officers will also be present at the Library on Wednesday 22 September between 4-7pm and Saturday 25 September between 11-2pm to answer any questions you may have on the proposals.

Please also refer to the booklet containing information about CPZs and how they operate.

Crouch End A CPZ
Crouch End B CPZ

What Happens Next

The Council will take careful note of all representations received in the notification period before making a final decision in December 2010. Details of all representations will be published on Haringey website. After the Cabinet meeting, Haringey will inform us of the Cabinet’s decision and the way forward.

Before and After

A picture speaks a thousand words they say... If you hover in and out over the map below, you will be able to see a clear picture of what happened in the last 4 years. Areas marked light grey are CPZs which already existed before the 2006 consultation, where as the darker grey areas represent CPZs introduced since 2006. Click on the map to see a larger version.

cpz before 2006

Yes, the picture is clear and the strategy to expand this cash cow is working (an issue we will get to a bit later on). Ask people if they want to pay for something they have for free and of course they'll say NO WAY! However, introduce a small tiny CPZ, one near by, and soon enough you will get everyone gaging for one on their road. Yep, it certainly works like a dream...

"Dear Resident or Trader,
In 2007 we introduced the Fortis Green CPZ. Since introducing the CPZ, we have received requests from your area to consider including them in the existing CPZ.
In line with our commitment to listen to the local community's parking concerns, we are now proposing a small extension to include the roads listed below into the existing Fortis Green CPZ."

Fortis Green CPZ

The Fortis Green CPZ demonstrate the points we made earlier very well. The area in the map above is very close to Muswell Hill Broadway -a vibrate and busy shopping area for years yet the call for the introduction of CPZ did not originate from the roads closer to the broadway, but rather from the 4 roads marked in blue which are situated at the boundary of Haringey bordering Barnet and it's CPZ marked in brown. Once the Fortis Green CPZ was introduced in 2007 the streets within the red outline were effected and start demanding to be included as well.

Did Haringey learn anything since 2006

The short answer is - Yes they did. Timing of consultation is not just before a long holiday. This time it seems there is an honest attempt to reach the wider community. And there is a clear and honest approach when communicating what is planed for the near future; A good example of this is that although the CPZ charges are outlined on the consultation leaflets, we are also warned there are plans to change the cost of permits after a review which will be taking place in October this year.

According to Mr Reynolds, a former City of London transport official, "What councils can't do is use parking control to raise revenue - that would be illegal. It has to be to do with managing traffic." However Haringey seemed to ignore this fact when they set the cost of CO2 emission based CPZ charges shortly after their unsuccessful attempt to introduce the scheme in 2006. At the time Green N8 research showed that the level of charges will not only plug the hole of the transport budget of £500,000, but will create a hefty surplus. This prediction is proven to be correct as Haringey Transport Annual report clearly demonstrates!



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Latest news

Haringey started consultation on Transport local implementation plan (LIP)

Haringey Council’s draft Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is commencing a 6 week period of statutory and public consultation between 27th September to 8th November.
It contains details of the local transport objectives and delivery proposals for the 3 year period from 2011 to 2014. This includes the 2011/2012 funding submission to TfL. The content of the LIP we are told reflects the transport needs and aspirations of Haringey’s residents and businesses and contributes towards the implementation of key priorities within the Mayors Transport Strategy covering the period 2011-2031.
The contents of the draft LIP is now available for consultation and each section can be viewed on Haringey website in sections or for your convience as one whole document from here Draft Lip 2010
If you would like to comment on the content of this draft document please email it by the 8th November.
Please put ‘LIP’ in the subject line of your email message.
Or you can write to the freepost address:
Haringey LIP Consultation
PO Box 264,
London N22 8BR

Following Statutory and Public Consultation, the final draft LIP will be submitted to TfL by 20th December 2010, with Mayor approval scheduled for spring 2011.
If you require further information regarding this LIP consultation please contact Malcolm Smith (Tel: 020 8489 5574) or Edwin Leigh (Tel: 020 8489 1492).

For press cutting on CPZ 2006- 2010 click here.

CPZ Consultation 2010

To download Haringey CPZ consultation leaflet containing detailed maps click on the link below:

Crouch End A CPZ
Crouch End B CPZ
Crouch End A & B
Petitions for CPZ

Consultation will end on 8.10.10


2006 CPZ information stalls in Crouch End broadway

2006 Day Time Parking

Does this look like these roads have a parking problem during the day?

A local resident sent us the following pictures, all streets are 5 minutes walk from Harringay Station.

Eleyne Rd

Granville Rd

Inderwick Rd

Mayfield Rd

Mount View Rd

Nelson Rd

Oakfield Rd

Ridge Rd

Stapleton Hall Rd

Uplands Rd

Are the parked cars seen in the pictures above belong to people who live on these roads and leave their cars at home, while they use public transport to go to work?




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