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Gilmac Planning Application

About Gilmac

Founded in 1990, Gilmac Building Services Ltd is a multi-disciplined construction company, focusing on specialist contracts, fast-track fit outs, new build and retail refurbishment. Its impressive client base includes, amongst many others, Compaq, Norton Healthcare Plc, Liberty Plc, Zandra Rhodes, London City Airport, London Underground Ltd and the London Borough of Islington.

Gilmac is a local a company already operating in Cranford Way. Their joinery is located in the west of London. Click here for more information about Gilmac.

What is the application for?

The proposed application is for a 4 storey manufacturing facility. If successful, Gilmac is looking to move their joinery operation from the west of London to Cranford Way N8. Click here for more detailed information on Gilmac planning application.

Where is the application site?

The proposed site boundaries are drawn in red on the photograph below. (Click on the image to enlarge it)



Electricity sub station

The proposed site is located in the north west corner of Cranford Way. Existing Gilmac premises, sandwich the site to the north and south. That part of Cranford way has it's own access road with a gate leading to it, which is usually locked.

On the west of the application site there is an Electricity Sub Station, which lays next to peoples Gardens. The distance between Rathcoole Avenue back gardens and the proposed development is some 50-60 meters.

Visiting the site

You will not be able to enter the actual site if the gate is closed, but you could walk into the open entrance of Cranford Way just off Tottenham Lane. Passing 'Action for Kids' to the right you are walking along side the east face of the proposed site.


The proposed site is raised by 1 to 2 meters in relations to the Cranford Way. By visiting the site, You can have a real sense of scale of the site and it's relationship to it's surroundings.


Private access Rd


  • In the application documents it states - the application would provide 50 jobs. When asked about it in a public meeting it transpired, that Gilmac currently employ 20 joiners, who would move to the new premises if the application is approved. The facility would provide work stations for a total of 30 employees. Gilmac hope to provide net gain of 10 new jobs which might be for local people.
  • They run an apprentice program
  • They agree to have alternative travel plans for employees, encouraging more use of walk, bike and public transport.
  • Will provide 21 spaces in a car park planned for the basement floor


Potential impact could be loss of amenity to the local community in the form of:

  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Traffic
  • Fumes of burned wood off cuts
  • Loss of visual amenity as a result of the height of the building
  • Loss of privacy, building is set to over look peoples's back gardens.
  • The introduction of 'B2 use' into Cranford Way

What can you do about it?

The area closeset to the development has an active and growing resident association called MORRSH (Montague, Oakley, Rathcoole, Ratchoole, Spencer and Harvey residents’ group) MORRSH will be leading this campaign

If you can help in any way, or wish to be regularly updated about the progress of this application, you are welcome to join the mailing list of both groups.

  • If you feel you will be effected by this application and wish to know in detail what is going on or how to land your help: Join the MORRSH mailing list email MORRSH secretary and Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Bruno Doreto
  • You can also visit their Yahoo group

News Bites

Access Self storage onthe left. Gilamc exisiting offices on the top right

9.7.06 | Decision on Gilmac delayed
The verdict on Gilmac planning application was postponed to the next Planning Application Sub Committee (PASC) Gilmac were asked to submit their plans again with changes to accommodate resident concerns. The application is due to go to committee on the 25.7.06. New submitted plans are on Haringey website.

24.5.06 | Consultation on Gilmac extended
Haringey send another consultation letter as a result of the planning application being amended and therefore they are extending the consultation for another 14th days, it brings the deadline for consultation forward to the 7th of June 2006 .

It also means that the application will not be decided in the next ‘Planning Application Sub Committee’ (PASC) as planned for the 5th of June2006, but will go before the next PASC on the Monday 26th of June 2006.

According to the case officer the amendments, related to ‘loss of privacy’ which was raised in The Development Control Forum (DCF)we suspect they have lost the west facing windows.
New deadline for comments is the 7th of June 2006
Read the Third consultation letter (24.5.06 )

23.5.06 | Gilmac submits Noise Impact Assessment
Gilmac had submitted 2 extra documents. A noise impact assessment and a planning statement in support of their application. To read these reports click here







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