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Gilmac Application News

This page is written from the bottom up, so that fresh news always appear at the top of the page.

9.10.06 | Consultation on conditions

9.7.06 | Decision on Gilmac delayed

The verdict on Gilmac planning application was postponed to the next Planning Application Sub Committee (PASC) Gilmac were asked to submit their plans again with changes to accommodate resident concerns. The application is due to go to committee on the 25.7.06. New submitted plans are on Haringey website.

Haringey send another consultation letter as a result of the planning application being amended and therefore they are extending the consultation for another 14th days, it brings the deadline for consultation forward to the 7th of June 2006 .

It also means that the application will not be decided in the next ‘Planning Application Sub Committee’ (PASC) as planned for the 5th of June2006, but will go before the next PASC on the Monday 26th of June 2006.

In response to residents' concerns voiced in the Development Control Forum (DFC) the developer's agent submitted amendments to the plan drawings.

The changes are designed to mitigate the 'loss of privacy' and include obscured glazing to some (not all) of the windows on the west and south facing walls. Obscure Glazing = the type of glass used for bathrooms.
New deadline for comments is the 7th of June 2006
Read the Third consultation letter (24.5.06 )

23.5.06 | Gilmac submit Noise Impact Assessment

Gilmac had submitted 2 extra documents. A noise impact assessment and a planning statement in support of their application. To read these reports click here

15.05.06 | Local Residents meet up

Greenn8 members live all around Cranford Way, many live close to the proposed development with other living much further away.

  • Residents from Rathcoole Avenue and Garden will be most effected the as their back gardens border that part of Cranford way.
  • People on Uplands and Tottenham lane may also be effected if noise is not under strict controls.
  • People living and businesses operating on totenham lane may be effected by traffic, noise and air quality issues are possible too.

The area closest to the development has an active and growing resident association called MORRSH (Montague, Oakley, Rathcoole, Ratchoole, Spencer and Harvey residents’ group) This meeting was organised to:

  • Link between the 2 groups
  • Establish a working relationship
  • And help members of MORRSH who will be leading this campaign, to get to grips with what lies a head of them

If you like to be updated on this planning application, you are welcome to join the mailing list of both groups.

  • If you feel you will be effected and wish to know in detail what is going on or/and land your help,
  • Join the MORRSH mailing list email MORRSH secretary and Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Bruno Dore
  • You can also visit their Yahoo group
  • Join GreenN8 mailing list if you want to be occasionally updated on this application
  • You can also bookmark this page and revisit from time to time to pick up the news

09.05.06 | Development Control Forum

The Development Control Forum meeting started on time 7:00pm, and was help in Hornsey School for Girls. It was well attended all considering, some 60 people turned up and had very good questions. Many of our old and new councillores were there too, as well as the press.

Gilmac came out in force Gilmac MD and Design Manager were present and so were 2 team members from Gimac's Agent/Architect. The meeting was chaired by Paul Smith Head of 'Haringey Planning West'.

The meeting was civilised and the discussion was rich. Concerns people expressed in the meeting were Loss of amenity as a result of potential high levels of:

  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Burned wood fumes
  • Loss of visual amenity and
  • Loss of privacy
  • The introduction of 'B2 use' into Cranford Way

The developer failed to reassure residents that Industry Standard will offer much protection of their amenity and residents called for:

  • A proper noise assessment to be carried out and submitted as part of this application.
  • Suitable measures to mitigate noise levels to be proposed and put forward as part of their planning application.
  • More detailed information on ventilation and Air quality mitigation.
  • More detailed information on Wood Burning Stove, which is proposed as part of the sustainability requirement these days... New developments are required to achieve 10% of their energy consumption through renewable means.

Gilmac made no promises but we hope they were listening carefully and are willing to provide the necessaries.

After all if there is no problem, then they should have nothing to hide and have no problem agreeing to provide this extra information.

04.05.06 | Second Consultation Letter

Second consultation letters arrived on the 4th of May. It announced:

  • A new time line for the consultation, extending it till the 25th of May 2006 and
  • The time and location of the Development Control Forum, set to take place on the 9th of May. Giving the local community very little time to pencil it in or get a baby sitter.

19.04.06 | First Consultation letter

The first round of consultation letters were sent on the 11th of April 2006. Greenn8 as a group, got only one letter sent to the group coordinator. Although sent on the 11th of April 2006, we only received it and informed our members on the 19th of April.

GreenN8 called the planning case officer and requested:

  • That the consultation process be extended and
  • That a Development Control Forum be set up to allow residents to ask the developer any questions they may have.

Haringey agreed and it took them some time to organise it (due to Local Election day being in the middle of it) It resulted in a second round of consultation letters.


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