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09.06.06| Ham and High

09.06.06| Muswell Hill and Crouch End Times

07.06.06| Hornsey Journal

07.06.06| Haringey Advertiser

22.3.06| Hornsey Journal

23.2.06| Hornsey Journal

2.2.06| Hornsey Journal

2.2.06 Hornsey Journal





Opposition MP Stephen Hammond on Government's 10-year Transport Plan

“As everyone has said today, moving freight by rail is a good idea. However, I wonder whether, when we recite that slogan, we consider all the economic, environmental and sustainable community issues that it raises. If he has not already done so, the Minister might care to acquaint himself with the Green N8 scheme , which I believe the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is pushing. It involves moving aggregates by rail freight, but the only trouble is that concrete output is moved by road through our communities and the crowded and congested roads of north London. So in reciting these slogans, we should also be clear about what they mean for local communities.”











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